Plastic adventures

From a young age we learn to squeeze the life out of them, break them into pieces and throw them away. We look down on them, thinking we are better off without them. But now the fullness of time has come to change our ways and treat them as equals. It is finally time to give the species of Plasticus the respect and recognition they deserve. Why? Because our lives have so much in common that it would be unfair not to do so.What do we have in common, you ask? A number of things, as I came to realize during my vacations.


First and foremost, they -like some of us- struggle to break free from the things (and especially the people) that suck the life out of them (exhibit 1). Second, even though they are children of the city (born and raised), they like spending time in nature (exhibit 2).

exhibit 1                                                                                                      exhibit 2

excibit4excibit3Third, they love to travel by ship in order to explore our islands (exhibit 3). What else? Once they reach their favourite destination, they spend endless hours on the beach, trying to obtain that golden brown color that so many people long for (exhibit 4).
exhibit 3                                                                                                           exhibit 4

excibit5excibit6Finally, they really, really enjoy taking long walks by the side of country roads (exhibit 5), pretending to discover the meaning of rural living. Then, when they are finally exhausted by the hot sun, they like to rest under the shadow of a tree (exhibit 6), until they regain their strength and they are able to return to civilization.
 exhibit 5                                                                                                                exhibit 6


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